Competition time, riders!

Here’s the deal:  we have been invited to have four of our riders in the Priddis & Millarville Fair parade.  I want to put in the four very best (or would that be the very pinkest?) horse/rider teams.

So, if you are riding into Millarville (that’s Saturday, August 20th) and you think that your horse is steady enough, and you can get pink enough, please either send me a picture of you and your horse all pinkified, or write me a vivid description.  I will then choose the top four and YOU will be our designated WPY Millarville riders.

Game on!

By the way, if you’ve not decided when you want to ride, Millarville is going to be something else!  Mind you, so is Rocky … and Cremona … and … oh, hell!  There are tons of them that are going to be a hoot!


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