Trochu will be interested to see that I’ve started a new tradition.

We took the flag that Trochu made in 2010 and hung it at the music concert that Trochu won as Pinkest Little Town in the West 2010, but I’ve held on to the flag thinking that we needed to do something more with it.  Recently, I had an epiphany!  Every year, the flag of last year’s Pinkest Little Town in the West will be flown from the wagon in every parade we attend and all the time that we’re on the trail.  (This means, of course, that I’ve just made more work for myself because every winner is going to have to have a pink flag, and I don’t know how many of them are going to offer to make their own, as Trochu did.)

So anyway, we were in the Sundre parade this weekend.  We didn’t have a way to get our wagon and team down there, but a wonderful couple, Lori and Albert Newhook, offered to carry our banners and flags and BE the Wild Pink Yonder wagon for the day.  (Man, those purebred Percheron horses are biiiiiiiiiiiiig!)

So away we went … flying the Trochu flag.  See, Trochu?  (I’m pretty sure it was the hard-working, ever cheerful and obviously talented Leona who built their flag.)








Would you like a closer look?  So you can see it better, Trochu?








Now I have to go and figure out how to add a flag standard to the back of the covered wagon.


3 thoughts on “Trochu will be interested to see that I’ve started a new tradition.

  1. Great idea Jane…I know that Rocky’ll be happy for you to fly our flag *grin*. You just have to leave us some time after the festivities to make it 🙂


  2. P.S.: I think you should leave it up to the Pinkest Little Town winners to design/make their own flag – that way it’ll be truly ours (oops, I mean theirs) *grin*.


    • I think you’re on to something there, Donna. So, yes, if Rocky can manage to out-pink and out-fund-raise the Crowsnest Pass … Millarville … Cremona … Sundre and James River Bridge, which are the only ones who have told me anything about what they’re doing (so there could be some other big contenders), then we will be delighted to have you design your own flag!


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