Longrider Donna has an interesting story to tell about fundraising.

She works for Walmart, and apparently they will double any monies their employees raise for charity things in which they are involved.  So Donna raised $2000.00 and they doubled it for her!  Then there is another woman at her work who was fundraising to do a two-day cancer walk.  So Donna and this woman teamed up and did a lot of their fund raising together.  They did a soup day, a chilli day, and a bake sale in the Walmart lunch room and then split the money.

Donna reports that  it was amazing.  People would just hand them a $20 bill for their lunch item of the day and not want any change back.  They even did a banana split day.

Way to go, Donna!  (For next year’s ride, she’s already threatening to do a customer bar-be-cue.)

I wonder:  is Donna gunning for that 5-CD changer stereo system that will be presented to the rider who brings in the most amount of money?


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