I love country folk!

I just came back from Catharine’s house.  Before today I didn’t know this woman existed.  She’s an interesting gal, our Catharine.  She lives in a geodesic dome house.  She earns a living sewing heat-conserving covers for pipes (like for pipelines).  And she has the most incredibly beautiful Tennessee Walking Horse I’ve ever seen.

I needed some sewing done on the pink cover for the Wild Pink covered wagon.  When it was made in the first place, it wasn’t built quite right and we’re sick of fighting with it, so a friend of mine suggested I meet Catharine.  We took the tarp, had a lovely visit with this charming woman, and then Catharine did the necessary alterations to the tarp.  But then we decided to do a seam all the way around the tarp because the original sewing didn’t always catch both sides of the fabric, and this sewing professional thought it best.  It was about then that I started to worry about the bill, but didn’t say anything.

When we finished having iced tea and cookies after the work was done, I reached for my purse and asked Catherine for the bill.  “No.  This is my contribution to the cause”.

What a peach!  I’ve already put her on notice that she’s got to get that Walker in shape and we are going to ride together … and she’s got to come on tour next year.


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