I love our host communities! Look at Warburg go! Small communities CAN make a big difference!

This is what we received recently from Warburg:

There will be a meeting committee and parade participants upon the arrival into town, there is a Barbecue and Beer Gardens planned from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM on August 29th, and entertainment planned for the evening of the riders arrival in the community. There will be a presentation of the cheque for Breast Cancer Research presented at the evenings event. There is a breakfast planned for August 30th, the morning of the ride out, and a farewell from our community.   Our Volunteer Appreciation event was a fund raiser for Breast Cancer with the entire hall decorated in pink balloons and pink table clothes, there was over 600.00 raised.  Our Seniors appreciation also celebrated Wild Pink Yonder by selling T-Shirts and taking donations, Canada Day was celebrated by raising funds for our Wild Pink Yonder, Pink Cotton Candy was sold with the donations going to our fundraising, as well as sales of T-Shirts.  We are holding a Cabaret on August 20th, Wild PInk Fling, Must be 18, Doors open at 8:00 PM midnight lunch, DJ and entertainment planned.

Yep, gonna be a high time in the ol’ town that night!


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