Okay, show-offs. It’s time to SHOW OFF!

We have been invited to put four horses and riders in the 104th Priddis & Millarville Fair parade.  No wagons allowed, so Bror and Troll will have to stay home.  The four riders chosen must be pink.  No, I mean PINK.  As in R-E-A-L-L-Y  P-I-N-K.

If you are riding with us that day (August 20 – Black Diamond/Turner Valley to Millarville) and would like to be chosen, let me know how pink you can get.  If someone can make (and convince their horse to carry) a flag with the Wild Pink Yonder logo on it, that would be very cool.  So would one of those “bum banners” (I don’t know what you call them!) that goes behind the saddle and shows the logo on either side.  Or, as we all know, a white horse with bright pink stock marking paint in its mane and tail and with pink vet wrapped legs looks dy-n0-mite!

Let’s start a thread here.  Who can get the pinkest?  Let’s be democratic and choose together as a group.


4 thoughts on “Okay, show-offs. It’s time to SHOW OFF!

  1. Totally wish I could make that!! you know me and pink!! But If you cant find enough willing participants let me know jane I could try to make it for the parade!


  2. I would love to be in the parade and my tickle trunk is FULL of pink and my filly looks fantastic wearing pink.. she even wears a pink cowboy hat !!


  3. I would love to do that as well Dancer is such a good horse and will let me do absolutely anything with her. I have actually been exp[erimenting with pinkness so ya.
    see u in three days


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