The Boyos get ready for their next big adventure

Our farrier is a tiny mite of a thing.  She isn’t likely much more than 5 foot nothing and probably weighs more than she looks because she’s pure muscle with NO fat anywhere.  (I could hate her for that if she weren’t so nice.)  But she looks to weigh about 100 lbs — sopping wet and wearing boots.  She calls herself Coyote Farrier Service if you’re in the Mundare area and looking for a good farrier.  Her name is Melisa.  So, here’s Melisa building shoes for The Boyos.  These will be regular iron shoes with borium on both toe and heels, with a pad between the sole of the foot and the shoe, and “that green goop that stops stones from getting in and thrush from starting” (only this stuff wasn’t green).  Here’s the sequence:

Melisa working the forge to make shoes that fit The Boyos perfectly.

Next step: add borium to toes and heels and then fire in the forge to melt it onto the shoe

Once the borium softens, she moves it around to flatten it a bit.

Then she cuts the leather pad to fit the shoe (more or less -- she'll rasp the edges off once it's installed on a Boyo's foot). That's "the green goop" that isn't green ... nor particularly goopy. She says this will flatten out and conform to the foot with a little body heat and pressure from walking.

Last step (other than the rasping) is to install said shoe on Bror. Nice work, Melisa!

Meanwhile, what does the cowboy do who’s responsibility it is to control the wild pony for the farrier?

Control the horse, of course!  (Tough job, Rusty! *grin*)


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