Pinky’s Dry Goods store is not just in cyberspace anymore! Lookie!

As many of you know, last fall Long Rider Cheryl vowed to find us a brand new cargo trailer that we could use for Pinky’s Dry Goods store.  (I thought she was crazy.  Who would give us a brand new trailer?  And not only who, but why?)  Well, the answers are:  a donor who wishes to remain anonymous and because he can!  Apparently neither he nor his wife are very well, and they thought they’d like to do this for us.  We are touched.  (And blessed.)  And then Long Rider Sandy said she would find an auto body shop to paint it for us (for free) … and a graphics company to put our logos on (for free).

I really need to take lessons from these two ladies.  Lookie.

The most beautiful little store on wheels!

Now if I can just figure a way to put Pinky up on the roof!  You haven’t seen Pinky?

This is Pinky ... and Rusty is SO going to kill me if I figure out a way to take her on tour!

Pinky was a gift from the Town of Irricana.  She’s the kind of horse that stands out in the herd, y’know?  *grin*  Rusty and his girlfriend, Rae, think she’s creepy.  I think she’s hysterical.  I love her to pieces … and so do a number of last year’s riders.


9 thoughts on “Pinky’s Dry Goods store is not just in cyberspace anymore! Lookie!

    • Well, I didn’t STEAL her! I just helped them decide to give her to us permanently, rather than having us send her back at the end of the tour! Besides, HOW to do you send something like Pinky back? In a box? *giggle. snort.*


  1. Personally, I think Pinky is too cool and adorable – the perfect mascot! She demonstrates willing attitude and lots of determination–something that Jane, Rusty and Rae have had since the start of Wild Pink Yonder. The only thing Pinky needs is a breast collar – painted on in the shape of a white bra.


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