What a glorious day on the Pink Trail

Rusty chose well.  The road we took to Castle River went from a small back road to an unimproved road that doesn’t even show up on Google Maps.  This is cattle country and we had to bypass cattle guards every few miles. We’re in the foothills of the Rockies where the forest rises up-and-around you, and the streams burble-by every couple of miles.

Where were we?  I don’t know, but it was God’s country.  We were on the trail for 30 Km – it was long but it was lovely!

And tonight we are staying the Castle River Rodeo & Campground – sheltered river campsites on the banks of the Crowsnest River.


One thought on “What a glorious day on the Pink Trail

  1. Sounds like the ride is off to a great start. Wish I was there with you again this year, but who knows, I may show up yet for a couple of days! Say Hi to everyone for me and have a great and prosperous ride!!!


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