I could live here!

Now I can see why Ian Tyson lives here.

Longview, Alberta is possibly the prettiest place on the face of this earth. And the people are incredible.

As we rode in the fence posts on ranches on the way in had cut-outs of cowboy hats on them – pink cowboy hats with white hat bands and white cowboy hats with pink bands.  As we got closer to town, the hats turned into pink cowboys boots with white cowboy hats perched atop them. Many of these
had been sold to the locals as a fundraiser; they put the names of loved ones lost, of the names of those still fighting, and raised a lot of money.

When the speeches were done and before dinner was served, we all went outside and everybody released a pink helium balloon. Sixty pink balloons rose free on the western winds signifying that one day we will be free of breast cancer forever.

There are only 350 residents of this little hamlet with a big heart and they have raised over $2,500!

In the morning, breakfast was served and bagged lunches were presented to us (homemade butter tarts – yumm!)



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