They don’t too many women like Mable

Y’know how I’ve always told you that small towns can make a big difference? Well sometimes it’s not even the town! When Bragg Creek could not host us, a woman named Angie Pipe came to the rescue.

We met her in the Bragg Creek bar many, many months ago. I was introduced as “jane” and she promptly forgot my name and has called me “Linda” ever since, so I dubbed her “Mable” and everybody from our community was running around wondering “Who’s Mable?” and “Where’s Linda”?

They’re little subdivision is called Priddis Creek Estates.

They had a beautiful campsite for us beside a little pond, and in their outdoor cook place, they made a dinner for everybody in the subdivision.  A couple of entertainers came and started with power in the cook shack but settled by the fire unplugged with two guitars and a mandolin.  At the end of the night,
Priddis Creek Estates raised $665 for our cause!

Love ya, Mable!  And I expect tosee you and your girlfriends in Pink County next summer.


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