Sidewalk of Hope

When we hit Sundre, the first thing we had to do was go over a bridge (Main Avenue) that is under construction.  All sorts of heavy equipment, all sorts of people, all sorts of noise: this was going to be a nightmare!

Carriers to the rescue!

I don’t know how they did it, but they managed to get the town of Sundre to shut-down construction on the bridge so that we could pass in peace.

As soon as we came off the bridge we saw a wonderful thing; it’s called the Sidewalk of Hope. Every other sidewalk block for our entire route through
town had a three-foot long pink breast cancer ribbon painted on it. More than 500 ribbons were painted by the Carrier family with help from their friends the Dewanes and Melanie Asplund.  The Sidewalk of Hope pointed the way to our destination which was the rodeo grounds.

Then, through the Sundre organizing committee, the residents of Sundre learned that they could purchase a ribbon in memory of a loved one lost, in
support of a loved one in the middle of their battle or to secure a future without breast cancer.  Residents have been buying the for the last couple of weeks and sales will continue right up until our Pinkest Little Town contest closes October 1st.

A Sundre resident who had not been touched by breast cancer, purchased a ribbon in honour of my stepdaughter Kirsten who died of metastasized breast
cancer just over a year ago.  It brought a tear to my eye.

Then as we neared the rodeo grounds, I noticed that each pink ribbon bore the name of one of our riders. The last two ribbons were for Rusty and me.

Once we settled, dinner was a fundraiser with the locals which included  silent auction.  Music followed by an awesome local group called Rooster in a Henhouse, and the lead singer donated half of her fee to our cause and the group donated all of their CD sales as well.


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