On The Road to James River Bridge

Other than the fact that we had two national television networks stop by for interviews, the road to James River Bridge was uneventful.

The weather was perfect and the horses all behaved but the pavement was hard on the Fjord horses.  Don and Pat Dailey from Camrose are taking their Fjord’s home at the end of today.  They’ve been driving a three-abreast but their mare has tender feet now.  They’ll pull the mare’s shoes and leave her at home, returning with a pole and their two Fjord geldings.

Meanwhile Troll was doggin’ it which is completely out of character for him, so we know the pavement has been hard on him too. Trolly needs a rest. So he won’t be on the road tomorrow.

James River Bridge was a blowout!

The classiest cowgirl I know, Fern Kornelson, put on an outstanding event with Al Wattie, the owner of The Horse Palace as her backstop.  It was Christmas in August; turkey dinner, live-and-silent auction, and the best damned new country music trio in the west! Hearts of the West – three women (Christine Schauer, Terry Mason & Deb Wilson), great voices – and the one in the middle could go toe-to-toe with Billy Crystal when it comes to humour!  We had a blast.

After breakfast the next morning, Fern had us all write our wishes on pink helium balloons and the last thing we did before leaving James River Bridge was a Circle of Hope that ended with all of us releasing our balloons and sending them up to God.



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