Riding off to meet Kurt Browning . . . well, OK the folks from his hometown.

Another day in paradise: blue skies, lots of sunshine and a nice light breeze. Just to be safe, we kept The Boyos off the trail again today.

Once we got to Caroline we were directed to the local museum where Tim Horton’s coffee and donuts were waiting along with a welcoming committee and a big fat cheque for over a thousand dollars from the museum itself.  I have no clue how a tiny little museum in a village in the west can raise that kind of money, but they did and we love them for it!

From there, our girls (because the crew today was all female) gussied up in pink including one woman who put a pink veil over her entire horse (except
its head).  Off we went down Main Street.  At the other end of town we turned around and came half way back to the turn that took us to the Kurt Browning Arena where our trailers awaited us.

From there we trailered to the Caroline Rodeo Grounds where there was lots of clean fresh water and lovely hay for the horses and room for the crew to
spread out.

Once we were settled, it was back to town for showers and a wonderful dinner of delicious western stew with the townsfolk. We tip our hats to Caroline for not making us stay out late because we thoroughly enjoyed just a couple of hours sitting around a campfire. Good night to one and all.


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