Breton! Breton! Breton!

We started the ride at New Moose Hall and took some lovely back roads into Breton. The temperature was fine, the sky was blue and all was well in our world.

Breton is vying for the title of Pinkest Little Town in the West. A  scant 579 people live here and they have already sold more than 600 pink t-shirts! Can you imagine? We didn’t know this as we paraded through town, but many of their residents, wearing their WPY Breton shirts, hollered out to us that “we are the Pinkest Little Town in the West!” For my money, they might be right!

Every building in the downtown core was pink! The pink flowers at their civic centre were overwhelming – absolutely gorgeous!

I think it was the Town administration that decided that every house in town should sport a pink bow on their door, so a pink ribbon was given to every household and all but a handful displayed them with pride: pink flamingos, a giant pink bra (and I DO mean GIANT) on main street and the pinkest attitude I personally have seen yet! Wow!

Dinner was fabulous, catered by Bob Ronnie Catering out of Ponoka; it was stellar!

And the entertainment was marvelous! Have you ever seen 630 CHED’s Bob Layton entertain? He’s a ventriloquist! He had a seven-foot ostrich and the world’s strangest squirrel as his dummies.

Remember how I’m always saying how small towns can make a big difference? Breton has raised north of $28,000 for the cause!


3 thoughts on “Breton! Breton! Breton!

  1. Wow – look at Breton go – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
    I have a total for James River Bridge, population 3, $9,228.50 PLUS Jane’s $225.00 for a grand total of $9453.50!!!! I am very proud of my community!!


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