And that brings us to Trail’s End.

We rode from South Cooking Lake to Fultonvale.  All roads in Strathcona County are paved, so we were not hustling along.  The day was lovely.  Not too hot.  Not too cold.  Just right for riding.  The Edmonton Journal came out and did a bunch of shooting.  We wound up on page 3 of the FRONT section of the Journal!  Yay!  Finally cracked that nut!  Now if I could just get CBC’s attention!

What a great tour we had this year!  And what a fantastic Trail’s End put on by Edmonton Equine Veterinary Centre and our own Dr. Deb Carroll.  A very good photographer managed to get these pics.  I am sure there are more on other cameras.

Neil Dimmock (aka “Hitchmaster”) brought his thundering 6-up of Percherons and gave a demo.  Honestly, that man could park those horses and that big wagon in a parking spot on Jasper Avenue in Edmonton!  Then there were the Graham Sisters.  They are trick riders, and it’s a very good thing they are not MY daughters because I’d kill them for what they do.  (Otherwise, they’d kill me!  I’d have a heart attack if they were mine!)  After them came some beautiful natural horsemanship by Kaitlin Carter.  She was working with 2-year olds this time.  It was inspiring.  And finally, Dr. Deb’s niece did a beautiful display of dressage for us.

There was a bouncy house for the kids, pies for everyone, Vera’s beautiful quilts … jewelry … silent auction … hot dogs, hamburgers and chili … chips and pop.  The Nearly Perfect Poodle was on parade collecting donations.  Two miniature horses were there giving rides to kids.  All in all, it was quite the show.  If you missed it, DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!

And once the audience went home, the last of the riders spent the night on site.  We had a bonfire, a little wine, a little junk food and a lot of fun rehashing the ride as well as talking about the latest research on cancer-killing smallpox strains.

It was good.

And in the morning, we shared a last meal before everyone said, “Happy trails” and headed for home.  Hot showers.  Soft beds.  Clean sheets.  Aaaaaaaah!


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