Catch up time: Warburg

Warburg is a very cute place and they pinked themselves up enough that according to our Pinkification Judges, they are in the top five!

We paraded into town, then put our horses away and attended an absolutely WONDERFUL bar-be-cue in the park.  The park was all decked out in pink and their cake-maker extraordinaire made this cake for us. 

There was a pink saloon in town (the whole building — multi shades of pink and very tastefully done — don’t know if that was done in honour of our arrival or if the owner just likes pink).

The village office was decked in pink flowers.  Oh!  And the “flower standards” (or whatever you call them) were fantastic!  Loved them.  Want them all down my lane!

After the festivities, we went back to camp and had a campfire.  Those quiet times around the campfire sure are popular.


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