Devon blew me out of the water!

I am SO impressed with what Devon did for Wild Pink Yonder.  (But I’m not a judge, so don’t go thinking I have ANY pull on that front!)

When we pulled into town, it was to do a 5 km parade around town.  (I thought they might be insane.  A 5 km parade?  Really?)  Really!  And it was worth every second of it!  First we visited the hospital.  (I always like doing that.)  Then we were off and winding our way around town.  I didn’t get it until we came upon our first school.  Holy cow!  There were hundreds, if not a thousand, kids waiting outside their school to greet us!  They had little pink pennants with the Wild Pink Yonder logo on them.  They screamed.  They jumped.  They chanted, “Pink!  Pink!  Pink!”  And my Boyos were rock solid, walking along as though the kids weren’t even there.  (I don’t get it.  So what makes a manhole cover or a pile of rocks so scary and these screaming kids not?)  Anyway, by the time we got past the first set of kids, I had a tear in my eye.  We were so royally received.  A few turns later there was another school and more screaming kids … and a teacher (or principal?) in a pink suit!  No, not a woman.  This was a man … and it was a real, honest-to-gawd pale pink dress suit!  I’ve never seen anything that would beat THAT!

Our parade took us past three different schools, all with the same result:  kids going berserk and horses acting like this is the most natural thing in the world for them to do.

And then we went down main street.  I don’t know whose idea it was to paint old fashioned bicycles pink and lean them against the trees in the boulevard, but that was picture perfect.  With the pink baskets of flowers hanging along the outside of the street and the bicycles in the central boulevard, it looked completely charming and quite magical.

From there, we headed down the big hill and into the Lions’ campground.  It is one of Alberta’s best kept secrets.  What a lovely and charming place!  I was completely enchanted and would like to go back there to camp one day.  The river is right there.  The bluffs are high.  People have their little lots with bbq pits.  The long term renters have their own wooden or concrete decks that they’ve installed and planters filled with flowers.  The trees are huge.  It’s a little slice of heaven.

And it was right there in that little bit of heaven that Devon planned their Brett Kissel/CFCW concert.  Outdoors.  Perfect weather.  Great food.  A tall three-peak white tent.  Cash bar.  Tons o’ fun.  We sang and danced the night away, and just as Brett was wishing everyone a good night, the rain started.  It was the first (and last) rain we had on tour this year.  It held off ’til the concert was over and ended before we were up the next morning.  Couldn’t ask for better than that!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d sure like to attend a Pinkest Little Town in the West concert in the Devon Lions’ campground!  *mischievous little grin*  Only time (and money raised) will tell!


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