Next stop: Amberlea Meadows and Leduc

It was a cold ride from Devon to Amberlea Meadows so our riders asked if we could shorten the trail.  The Boyos, Rusty and I were not going with them, and they wanted a little down time.  This being the second last day of the tour, we obliged them and every rider and every horse was happy to see the inside of the beautiful box stalls at Amberlea Meadows.  What a place!  The owner, Ellen, put us up for the night and allowed us to have a bonfire (later).  Shavings were waiting in every spotlessly clean stall.

Meanwhile, Bror, Troll, Rusty and I booted over to the Peavey Mart in Leduc.  Dean Rugland, the manager there, is a favourite of ours and we wanted to help make his day better.  (Why does the ONLY poor weather day on our tour ALWAYS happen in Leduc?)  Once there, we hitched the team and took them out front, across all the traffic and into a safe area where Rusty drove, our super volunteer, Jack, helped and I ran inside to do cut-ins with CFCW that was on location there.

I got the best deal.  It was warm and not windy inside the Peavey Mart!  (I could spend all day looking at stuff in a Peavey.  Love those stores!)  Stella Stevens and I talked to CFCW listeners about Wild Pink Yonder, about our sponsors and about our riders.

Meanwhile, having put their horses safely and happily away, our riders jumped in trucks and came on over to Peavey Mart for a bbq dinner and a little Peavey shopping.  For any rural dweller, and many rural wannabes, Peavey Mart is heaven.

Weather smartened up as the evening wore on and when we got back to camp, it was another good night for a bonfire.  Drank a little wine.  Told a few tall tales.  Laughed at a lot of good jokes and a few bad ones.  Yep.  A fitting second-last night on the trail.

Thanks, Ellen.  We will be back.



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