Onward to Calmar

This is a little town that really wants to win Pinkest Little Town in the West!  How do we know?  They had a sign at the edge of town that said so … only I can’t find the picture of it.  Someone (Hedi?) sent it to me, but it’s lost in my computer.

So we rode into town and went on parade first.  Down main street, into the parking lot of the venue for the evening’s concert and back down main street.  A very PINK main street.  Then we were off to the ball diamonds where we were to spend the night.  It worked well, though with horses behind electric fence, rather than panels, we had to leave someone “home” to mind the horses, just in case.  Hugh, my remuda boss from Vancouver, was more than happy to stay home with The Boyos and the other horses.

I had trouble with The Boyos’ feet due to incorrectly applied shoes and pads, so I put in a call to a farrier named Rod Hok.  I didn’t realize he was from Wetaskiwin.  I also didn’t realize that veterinarian Roxy Bell (who had been in to see another horse in Thorsby while we were there) had called him on my behalf.  So, when I made the call and could not get him, I left a message and went to the hall for the dinner and concert by Adam Gregory.

Sometimes karma looks after a person.  I decided to step outside to see how things were going at Pinky’s Dry Goods store, when this truck pulled up and its driver said, “Where do I find Jane Hurl?”  I said, “Who wants to know?”  He said, “The guy who got left the long winded voice mail.”  Then he grinned … and so did I.  It was Rod Hok!  He got my long and convoluted message (I didn’t want him to refuse because it was too late or he was too tired, so I explained WPY on the answering machine) and couldn’t phone me because I was inside a concrete building and my cell wouldn’t work.  So, instead of not worrying about it, the marvelous, MARVELOUS Rod Hok jumped in his truck and came to find me!

I am sad to say that I missed the entire concert by Adam Gregory, but I am pleased to say that Rod Hok fixed my Boyos up perfectly.  I gave them a little bute that night and again the next morning and they’ve been running smooth as silk ever since.

From all accounts, the concert was great.  And it was a sell out.

Thank you, Calmar.  You are one of our top five towns in terms of pinkification.  Now it will all come down to money because amongst the top five there is no one town that has run away with the pinkification factor.  You’re all reasonably close.  Which of our top five towns will raise the most per capita?  That is likely going to decide the winner.  Fundraising can continue until October 1st.  The winner will be named around the middle of October.  Good luck, Calmar!


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