When the person charged with looking after the Wild Pink Yonder project was let go from Thorsby’s administration, no one remembered that we were part of that person’s job description!  So, two weeks before we arrived, poor Catherine was handed the job!  What a trooper she is!  And what a GREAT show she put on.  (It sure helped that she had their incredible Haymaker Centre to offer us for horse accommodations!  Wow!)

Even though it was short notice, Catherine managed to pull together a fantastic fried chicken dinner (mmmm, delicious!) with all the trimmings … and got the town so fired up that it was a sold out event!  Lovely tea lights on the pink-clad tables, rocks with inspirational messages on them … local musicians who entertained us after dinner.  All in all, Catherine, it was a lovely evening.

We had free run of the showers in the arena, which is always a hit with our crowd.  And Catherine was going to make sandwiches for us the next day to take on the trail, but every man, woman and child on our ride voted for leftover chicken instead.  It was THAT good.

They did an interesting thing in Thorsby.  You know how there is always wood (or sometimes chain link) around a construction site?  Well, they had a construction site on main street in Thorsby.  It was made safe with a wooden fence that the town painted pink and invited residents to put their messages of hope on.  Very cool idea.

Because she didn’t have time to do a lot of fundraising for us, Catherine has asked us back to a “big name entertainer event” they will host on November 26th.  She’d like to include a Wild Pink Yonder fundraising component to it … and we’re starting to think about a possible gymkhana in their fantastic arena … or a cutter rally … or maybe both!  Thank you, Thorsby.  It may have been on short notice, but it was great!


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