I feel like I’ve not spoken with you in a hundred years!

Hello, everybody. Well, here we are in southern Manitoba. Nobody told me that my spiffy new iPhone wouldn’t work down here. Gr-r-r-r! So, I just figured out that if I find a McDonald’s and have a coffee, I can talk to you!

We’ve been busy. As you know, Rusty and I had 4 days to unpack, clean up, put away, repack and get out of Dodge! It was hairy! But we made it JUST in time for the Wild Pink Fandango in Morden, MB. (We literally skidded in sideways when the event was half an hour past start!)

It was a GREAT Fandango. Pam did herself proud, and the ladies who put on the meal were spectacular. It was a well attended, well presented event. She did us proud!

Then it was off to Winkler MB for the first day’s ride. Every day, so far, has been significantly shorter than our days in Alberta, but that’s the way the mop flops down here in southern MB. The towns are alll 8-10 miles apart! It makes for nice riding on hot days (like our first two), and it’s nice on cold, windy days (like our last two).

The towns are responding well … much like we had in year one. I am sure now that both Pam Glover and Wild Pink Yonder Manitoba will be around for many years to come.

Pam runs a tighter ship thann Rusty and I do, but she doesn’t have our numbers yet, so we’ll see how things go in a couple of years. *grin*

People are friendly, weather has wildly swinging moods. You’d think it was manic depressive! Super hot for a couple od days and super cold now. We’ll be putting on the furnace in the trailer tonight!

That’s it for now. The McDonald’s wants to close their doors, so I gotta go.

Paulie … you can’t phone me. And I can’t phone you, except on Rusty’s phone, so if you see his number, please pick up!


2 thoughts on “I feel like I’ve not spoken with you in a hundred years!

  1. Jane: did you remember to send out an email to the 2011 riders with my mailing info if they want to share their pictures on the CD? Oct 31/11 deadline (give or take). Thanks.


  2. Yes, Amy, I did. At least I think I did! If one of this year’s riders will drop a note here if you did NOT get that notification, then we’ll know for sure. (It was VERY hairy getting ready to go!)


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