This is without a doubt the most FRUSTRATING thing!

I have no telephone capacity over here and very little data opportunities. Again, I’m writing to you from McDonald’s. Who knew I liked this company this much? *grin*

Miranda, if you’ve not received my outgoing mail (it is spotty, at best), please go ahead and organize the Reunion Ride to be from MY place (you’re all welcome to camp in my front yard like last year) at the Blackfoot on Saturday, October 22nd.

Then, on October 23rd, there will be ANOTHER ride in the Blackfoot, and you are all welcome to attend. It will be a Pink-a-Palooza for Teri Peters. Your cost, $20. We arrive at Central Staging at 11:00 a.m. and then the fun begins.

Nothing much else to tell you about, Pinksters. Things are going well here today. The weather has shaped up and the ride was interesting. We stopped at a “Scarecrow Maze”. It was quite the place. Managed to spend a couple of hours there. We have about 5 young riders with us right now. That’s kind of cool … oh! and the big news is that I have interest from 4-H over here! YAY! We will see what we can get going for next year.

Gotta fly. That’s about it for now anyway. Will write when I have more to say. Keep me in the loop, Miranda, Teri and Sandy Coombe. Thanks.


One thought on “This is without a doubt the most FRUSTRATING thing!

  1. Thank you so much for doing a second pass by the schools today in Lorette! My youngest son and I saw you go by the first time… but the kids at ELI and the daycare just missed you :o)
    As a breast cancer survivor myself (diagnosed in 09 at 33), we have tried to show our kids (3,8 &11) how everyone is working together so that someday cancer will be a thing of the past. Through Kids Can Cope, Dragonboat, Run for the Cure, Wild Pink Yonder , and many other events we show our kids just how many people are affected.

    We loved the decorated horses!

    All the best to you!

    Thank you for doing something “different” and for riding : because you CAN, for those who can’t, and those of us who aren’t quite ready to ride (yet).

    April Toews


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