I cut the grass just for you, Pinksters.

I did it in honour of Reunion Ride weekend.

Okay, well maybe I didn’t cut ALL the grass, but I did hit the long spots.  (My poor lawn!  I haven’t had a chance to cut it since early August.  What a mess!)

Anyway, some of you know the size of my front yard and some of you don’t.  We have enough room for any/all trailers and tents.  The lawn is cut.  The fire pit is ready to go.  Rusty and I will go and put up electric fence for anyone who wants to spend the night (Friday and/or Saturday).

Wild Pink Yonder will feed you breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday if you’re staying for the Sunday Pink-a-Palooza ride.

It’s only two weeks away!  You planning to come?


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