It seems I am going to have a new riding horse soon.

Some years ago I was supposed to buy a young horse for cheap.  All I had to do first was pay to have him gelded — which would be expensive because he was cryptorchid — and then supply the hay to keep him at this person’s house for the winter because I had no way of keeping him away from my mares while his seminal vesicles were possibly still full of sperm.  But, he was going to be a big boy, calm and gaited — the ideal horse for my husband to ride, so off we went to the vet.  $1,500 later, he went back to this other farm for the winter and I supplied the hay, as agreed.

Now I’ve got $2,500 invested in him (or so I think), but he’s a Walkaloosa and perfect for hubby so what the hell.  So far, so good.

Then along came spring and I went to get said young gelding.  His new price was $1,500, not the $1,000 previously agreed upon!  *sigh*  But she was supposed to be a friend, so I (grudgingly, but without fussing) paid the extra $500, reasoning that a friendship must be worth $500, right?  (Turns out that was wrong-o, but that’s another story entirely.)  Anyway, I paid the new, raised price and took home this horse for my husband.

In 2009 I sent said horse out for training so hubby would be able to ride him.  So now I have a $3,500 horse.

Hubby has never ridden him!

Meanwhile, this horse, for whatever reason, has never appealed to me.  He’s big (much bigger than I would like), has legs like tree trunks (good thing) and is a very red sorrel with a flaxen mane and sorrel tail.  The mane is short and the tail isn’t spectacular either, so (to me) he isn’t even particularly attractive.  But he’s VERY calm!  I have to give it to him on that score.  Powerful?  Oh, yeah.  This boy has a lot of muscle.  His size intimidates me, which is ridiculous.  I could be mangled by a horse half his size.

So where does my story go from here?

I’m in Manitoba on Wild Pink Yonder when I get a message that the big red horse has been limping for a week.  Had hubby take him to Edmonton Equine Veterinary Centre.  Horse is SO lame he can’t use front right foot AT ALL!  Many x-rays, ultrasounds and whatever else later, it comes to light that somehow big red horse got a 1″ chunk of horse hoof wall (his?  someone else’s?) shoved down through the coronet band and alongside the INSIDE of HIS hoof wall!  And his coffin bone is infected.  (This is a HUGE — read expensive —  problem.)  *eyes rolling*

$2,500 later, I get to pick up the big red horse and take him home. He is now an almost $6,000 horse and his recovery is NOT guaranteed!

Every day, I have to give him 30 ml of antibiotic (IM) twice a day and bute twice a day until we have this thing fixed.

Being as I have put on so much weight (between foot surgery, pink pancakes, sausages and smorgs every day for 45 days), I can no longer even consider riding either of my Paso Finos.  Looks like, once he’s (hopefully) fixed,  I’ll be riding a big red horse from here on in!

$6,000.  Maybe he’ll grow on me.


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