I wonder which towns will be the Pinkest Little Towns?

In Alberta, we have four that are pretty close in their pinkification quotient, as adjudicated by our three completely impartial judges (not me!  not Rusty!  No, no, no!) … and we have a few that I think might come in close on the financial side as well.  This could be a “photo finish”, folks!  Rusty got home from Manitoba on Friday and will start tabulating numbers on Tuesday.

In Manitoba, I think the pinkification quotient came down to two, but again, I wasn’t involved in the judging, so I’m not sure.  We’ll await the pinkification information from Manitoba’s Trail Blazer, Pam Glover.  Rusty will start tabulating Manitoba’s financial numbers on Tuesday as well.

Rusty and I are in a meeting with Northlands and Canadian Finals Rodeo on Wednesday.  I wonder what the chances are of declaring the Alberta PLT winner at CFR?  Wouldn’t that be the coolest?


2 thoughts on “I wonder which towns will be the Pinkest Little Towns?

  1. Declaring the winner at CFR would be awesome, except that I am not going to be there.. 😦 Going to be in the US. Had to give my tickets that I bought at the auction in JRB to Kelli.. Wish I could be there.. Have fun…


  2. Don’t know yet that this will happen, Peggy, but am hoping so. Too bad you’ll be in the USA … but if you’re down there rather than at CFR, I gotta believe you’re down there for something pretty awesome itself! Enjoy!


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