As we head toward Reunion Ride weekend …

I need everybody who is coming to please check in with Miranda and give her numbers.  I am the cook for Saturday (breakfast and supper) and I need to know how big a pot to use!  Lunch in the Blackfoot will be hot dogs so you don’t have to worry about bringing a lunch either.

I was looking at the event page on Facebook and it looked like I’d be cooking for about 8.  Then Carly phoned last night.  She LOOKS like one person coming on paper (though I assumed that meant three because her mom and dad would be coming).  Turns out “Carly” means Carly, Karen, Barkley, Blake, Jackie, Maddy, Darwin and Clay!

I need to know that about everybody.  CJ:  are you one or two?  Etc.  Please advise Miranda through the event page or at her own email.


5 thoughts on “As we head toward Reunion Ride weekend …

  1. There will be 2 here.. Peggy and Kelli… But no horses, so hope someone can round up a horse for me or that there will be room in the wagon. Really want to check out this riding place.


  2. EEK! Who has a couple of extra horses? Darwin? Hedi? Carly? Maddy? Miranda?

    We had a bunch of people in the wagon last year (ten, if I remember correctly) and it was NOT a good thing. In fact, it was a very bad thing, and I didn’t notice ’til there was no alternative except to carry on. My poor little Fjords were completely covered in sweat and exhausted by the end (though they never even TRIED to quit)! Won’t be doing that to them again. We are looking at taking the small wagon, which doesn’t hold very many … and we already have four of us (and lunch) in!

    So who can bring an extra horse or two?


  3. I will be there for supper but not sure yet about lunch. Still waiting to see if this green horse will be ready for the horse show next weekend or not. But will let you know if you need to toss in an extra hot dog for me. Hedi


  4. Well, if I can find a horse for her too.. I was going to bring 2 down, but Rio’s saddle gave him sores and I am not riding him until I find a saddle that fits. And Kelli’s horse is limping right now. So I am out of horses. I would really like to ride and explore The Blackfoot. As I am always looking for someplace to ride that is not hours and hours from home. 🙂 I will make some phone calls this week and see what I can find.


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