Now this is very cool!

Pinksters will remember that Rusty had a sister, and I had a step-daughter, named Kirsten who died of metastasized breast cancer.  Kirsten’s passion toward the end of her life was to paddle a dragon boat with a group from “Abreast in a Boat”.  Kirsten’s chapter is called “Abreast Up a Creek” because they paddled out of False Creek in Vancouver.

I just received an email from one of Kirsten’s paddling buddies.  She will be in Edmonton for the annual conference of the Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Society of Alberta.  Her name is Cathy Marr and she is one of the 5-10% of women who got breast cancer from an inherited malfunctioning gene.  (How cruel is that?  A malfunctioning gene!  Jeez!)  Anyway, Cathy would like to join us for Sunday’s Pink-a-Palooza!

We are delighted!  She was born on a horse, but doesn’t ride at this time, and unfortunately, I don’t have a horse to lend her … but she’s going to come and ride in the wagon with Rusty and me.  We are honoured.

She signs her emails, “Paddles Up from Vancouver”.  *grin*


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