Wild Pink Yonder rides in the River City Round Up “caravan of wagons”

I just realized that I got ahead of myself.  Before I tell you about the Dimmocks, I need to tell you about River City Round Up!  We have been invited to be a part of their caravan of wagons that will be the official start of River City Round Up this year.  We will meet at Borden Park in the morning on Saturday, November 5, have a big ol’ cowboy breakfast (PANCAKES!!!!!) and then get ready to ride.  We will go 6 km from Borden Park to Sir Winston Churchill Square … and River City folks are hoping to have 40 wagons (or carts, or chariots etc) in the caravan.

We will be there with our pink tarp, of course, and Hitchmaster (aka Neil and Kim Dimmock) will back us with their beautiful big hitch of Percherons.  Now if I can just find an 8-up of minis willing to go.  I will definitely call the Harts (joined us on the inaugural run of WPY/MB), but I doubt very much they’d be interested in going THAT far just for a 6 km run.


4 thoughts on “Wild Pink Yonder rides in the River City Round Up “caravan of wagons”

  1. Just a logistic question…how are we getting out of Sir Winston Churchill Square once we are there? Are trailers coming in or are the horses going back to Borden Park?


  2. You’ve seen it, Hedi. It’s the aluminum one with the 28′ floor. Front section is 13′ long, second one is 7′, end one is 8′. Trailer is 8′ wide. In a pinch, I expect we could get 14-15 ponies in there. I can see taking most ponies back … though NOT the Dimmick bunch! He’s bringing TEN Percherons!


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