It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. I think I’ll take The Boyos for a spin!

Last night Rusty and Raelene gave me my Mother’s Day prezzie, which was a wine tasting party right in my own dining room.  It was wonderful.  We had 6 different wines (bubbly white to dark, dry red and everything in between) and all sorts of goodies to try with them.  Apparently THAT is what wine tasting is all about:  finding what food your taste buds like with each wine.  Sometimes a food (say, cheese) will enhance the flavour of the wine (and vice versa), and sometimes it will not, or can even have the opposite effect.  It was fun finding what paired on my palate and watch what paired for others.  We didn’t all agree.  Some preferred nuts with the heavier red wine, others (not me!) preferred dark chocolate with it.

So, needless to say, Rusty and Rae could not go home last night, which leads into this morning.  It is a beautiful, sunny, blue sky day out there and we are going to take The Boyos for a spin around the ‘hood.  Time for a tune up before next weekend’s festivities.  We’re thinking we’ll try out the small wagon today.  Don’t know what The Boyos will think of that.  They’ve never pulled it before, but it’s a cute li’l thing.



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