Paddles up from Vancouver!

*giggle*  You read it right.  That is how our new friend, Cathy signs off her emails to me.  She is a member of  Vancouver’s “Up a Creek in a Boat”, which is a division of the breast cancer survivor dragon boating organization called “Abreast in a Boat”.  Our Kirsten got involved with Up a Creek after her treatment for breast cancer.  (You can’t be Up a Creek in a Boat if you’re not a survivor.)

So that’s the background.  This last weekend Cathy came to Edmonton for a breast cancer annual conference on Saturday.  That left her with Sunday open, and she asked if she could come out and join us for the Pink-a-Palooza that happened Sunday.  Of course, we were thrilled.  Not only is this one delightful woman, but she was a paddling partner with our Kirsten before Kirsten succumbed to metastasized breast cancer.  So Sunday, off we went to the Blackfoot to give her (and her cousin, another Cathy) a look at one of the things that Wild Pink Yonder does.

I’ve never claimed to be the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree … so we wound up at the wrong staging area.  (But apparently I’m not alone, because we went to Blackfoot Lake staging and some others went to Waskahegan staging … while the bright ones went where they were supposed to go — to Central staging!)  But it all worked out in the end because we all had lunch together at Running Dog. (And there were so MANY of them, our wagon might have been a bit of an impediment anyway.)

Just before I made my little speech about WPY and what we’re trying to accomplish, Cathy came to me and offered up enough little pink buttons from Abreast in a Boat that we could give one to every rider!  Kirsten was Rusty’s sister, so he had the honour of telling the riders about Up a Creek/Abreast in a Boat, and giving one button to each rider.  It was an emotional moment to watch all these riders mount up and ride past wearing their Abreast in a Boat button for Kirsten.

After they left, the four of us (Rusty, Jane, Cathy from Vancouver and her cousin Cathy from Edmonton) drove back to Blackfoot Lake staging where we looked at some photos of Kirsten that Cathy brought from Vancouver, and then sent the two Cathies on their way to the airport.

If you’re reading this, two Cathies, we loved having you (and hope to see you again).

Happy Trails from Alberta!


One thought on “Paddles up from Vancouver!

  1. Jane,

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to ride in the wagon with you and Rusty and see your wonderful team in action. If you keep practicing the manouvering in tight spaces like you did Sunday I expect you will be able to parallel park your rig better than I can park my car when you go into Edmonton for the parade! It was wonderful to be outside in the sunshine in such a beautiful place and to be with horses and horse lovers. Thank you for sharing it with Cathy and I. It was a special day. I’m sure Kirsten is smiling to know I was there on the farm that meant so much to her.

    Paddles Up from Vancouver,



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