River City Round Up — update

This is such a HUGE opportunity, I can hardly believe it!

We are being talked up by CBC radio, for sure (I heard it), and we’ve been given a slot on the main stage at Sir Winston Churchill Square — right after the Mayor of Edmonton and the Head Honcho of Northlands speak!  At that time we will be presenting our big fat cheque (and it IS fat!) to Alberta Cancer Foundation … and we’ll be announcing the winner of Pinkest Little Town in the West.

For those of you already following this stuff, our time on the stage has been changed.  We are now up for 12:30, not the original 6:15.  This is a MUCH better slot. We are over the moon.  This will likely wind up on Global News Saturday at 6:00!

Meanwhile, we drive The Boyos from Northlands to Sir Winston Churchill Square.  Most of the 30+ wagons in this entourage will circle the square and head back to Northlands.  Not us though!  The Northlands Stagecoach, Neil Dimmock’s 8-Percheron hitch (that will be Wildly Pinked) and our wagon will be on display (behind stanchions so little kids don’t walk under the horses) at Churchill Square for an hour or so.  (Photo ops, don’tcha know!  *grin*)  After that, the Stagecoach and Neil will drive back to Northlands (with a police escort … and with Bror and Troll in tow), while our wagon stays downtown at our booth ’til after the fireworks at 6:30.

That’s it for now.  Hope to see you in Churchill Square!


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