Sitting here thinking about Hickstead

I read a very touching article about him and his rider.  I’ll not copy the whole thing here, but just the part that really touched me.  I knew Lamaze came from a troubled past.  What I didn’t know is that Hickstead did too.

Lamaze and Hickstead had a special bond. Both were outsiders. Lamaze, a rider who excelled in a sport that helped him find his way from a difficult past, and Hickstead, a horse who was too small and too wild to be ridden.

Rejected by most, these two found each other and learned to work together, to will themselves to unlikely championships on the way to Olympic gold at the 2008 Beijing Games. Riders understand that bond, the absolute need for mutual trust, respect and understanding between horse and rider. What Lamaze and Hickstead shared was extraordinary, a once in a lifetime relationship that forged two misfits into an unbeatable team.

“Mutual trust, respect and understanding.”  How many of us spend enough time with our horses to be able to claim that?  Certainly not me.  I’m one for three:  got respect.  Still working on trust and understanding.  I wonder if anyone who doesn’t make their living on their horse’s back (or on the driving lines) can claim all three.  Your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Sitting here thinking about Hickstead

  1. Yes, Karen … of all the riders I know, if I were to try to think of ONE who might have that kind of bond, it would be Carly. Horses are her life. Unlike most of us, she’s with hers every day. (Well, mostly. As of late she’s been sidetracked a little by a certain young man.)


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