Have Pinkest Little Town proposal. Will travel.

Hi.  I’ve been away, taking the Pinkest Little Town in the West concept to towns in the Cypress Hills area.  I have now visited everything from Hanna south, with the exception of Ralston. (By the way, Ralston is the CUTEST little town!)  I have been received well in most cases and cautiously in one.  But that’s okay.  The Pinkest Little Town concept is not what one has drop into his or her lap every day.  *grin*

“You want us to … what?  Paint our town … PINK? *eyes squint*  Really?  *head tilts*  Pink?”

Once they “get it”, some get a glint in their eyes and they start to grin.  Then I know they’re hooked on the idea.  Others look a tad sceptical.  Then I have to start talking up all the fun things we’ve seen/done in previous years and what a great prize they could win.

Now comes the tough part.  We have to wait to see what they have to say.


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