My goodness! What an exciting week this is turning into!

Had nothing else happened but yesterday’s research tour at The Cross, my week would have been splendid … but it keeps getting better!

So I was minding my own business, working on a proposal for a potential sponsor, when the phone rang this morning.  It was the office of Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel calling!  I have no idea what brought it to his mind now, but he remembers our presentation to the Alberta Cancer Foundation when River City Round Up had it’s opening ceremony in Sir Winston Churchill Square, and he wants to honour our accomplishments — in council chambers!

Wow!  I am still reeling.

So we’re invited to the last council meeting of the year — December 14th (coffee beforehand to meet councillors, plus choir to sing Christmas carols) where Wild Pink Yonder’s accomplishments will be honoured.  Then Rusty and I will have our picture taken in that rarified air!

Will I be invited to speak?  Don’t know, but if I am, you can be sure that I will talk about our riders, the towns that host us, our wonderful sponsors … and, of course, the amazing advances they’ve made in breast cancer research at The Cross, in part because of donations such as ours.

And to top it all off, tomorrow is the Edmonton Equine Veterinary Centre’s Christmas party.  (EEVC being one of our WPY sponsors.)  Door prizes, Christmas cheer, a bio security seminar and donations for the Strathcona County Christmas Bureau and Food Bank.  (If you’re reading this, Dr. Deb, Rusty and I will be there!)


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