Here’s an exciting twist to Trail’s End!

I got a phone call the other day from WELCA — that’s Whitemud Equine Learning Centre Association — aka the “horse place in Edmonton’s river valley”.  They would very much like to be a part of Wild Pink Yonder!  Ooooooh, the excitement!  Wild Pink Yonder would very, VERY much like to have WELCA become a part of our event!  In fact, we had discussed this possibility in year one, but it did not come to fruition (likely because nobody knew if we would be a flash in the pan, or something of substance *smile*), but our champion, Dr. Deb Carroll from Edmonton Equine Veterinary Centre, spoke with WELCA — and here we go!  (Man, we love our Dr. Deb!)

So this morning, I had another phone conference with WELCA and they would like to host Trail’s End — right there in the river valley!  With entertainment.  With a farmers’ market.  With food vendors.  With music.  With … well … the whole enchilada!  *big fat grin*

And here’s the kicker that is going to thrill the pants off of you (or at least it did me):  they are going to the city to get permission for you to ride the trails throughout the river valley!  That will be our day ride on the last day!  Ride your horse from Whitemud Equine to, say, Snow Valley and back — along the banks of the mighty North Saskatchewan River.  At the end of the day’s ride, we’ll do a grand finale ride around the Whitemud facility for all interested Edmontonians to see.

I don’t know about you, but I am tickled pink about this!

Trail’s End at Fultonvale has been wonderful.  I love the country feel there, but THIS is a huge step up.  Au revoir, Fultonvale.  Bonjour, WELCA and the City of Champions!



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