How’s this for a Pink-a-Palooza idea?

So far, Pink-a-Paloozas have been trail rides.  It worked very well for Pinkster Teri, who raised $700 one day at the Blackfoot.  But a Pink-a-Palooza can be so many other things too.  It’s anything a Pinkster can dream up as a fund raising scheme in order to spend more time on The Pink Trail.  So it could be a trail ride … or dinner and a horse movie … or, say, a chance to take an equine first aid course.  (I’m thinking of you, Shayna, as I write this.)

Cindy Houghton (a Pinkster from year 2) just dropped me a line with a terrific idea for those looking for ways to raise money for next summer’s Pink Trail.

It seems Cindy is now a certified equine first aid instructor!  (She’s certified through Equi-Health Canada.)

Cindy writes that if any Pinkster is interested, she’d be happy to work with you to teach an equine first aid course as a way to fundraise!  (At your barn?  To your riding buddies?  At your 4-H group?)  Basically, the Pinkster sets the course up (finds the facility, gets the participants, sets the price, collects the money) and Cindy teaches it.  After Cindy’s costs have been covered, the rest of the money goes to the Pinkster for days on The Pink Trail.

How cool is that?

So think about it, Pinksters.  If you have a wide circle of horsie friends, this could be fantastic … for you and for them!

And Cindy?  Now you have to come on the trail again this summer.  We Pinksters need you!


6 thoughts on “How’s this for a Pink-a-Palooza idea?

  1. How far is she willing to travel? Where would she be coming from? I would maybe interested in the new year. We have an unoffical horse club up here and some of the people may be interested. I could put her up at my house for accomadations.


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