The Wild Pink year in review.

What are the best things you remember from the Wild Pink year of 2011?

I think the biggest memory for me was having Rusty drive The Boyos into the arena at Fultonvale.  I jumped down from the wagon and went to the microphone to introduce Bror and Troll (aka “the two little engines that did”), Rusty and the Riders of the Wild Pink Yonder to the crowd that was cheering in the grand stand.  That was an emotional moment for me.  It was the climax to a Wild WILD Pink Tour.

And you?  What are your best memories?


6 thoughts on “The Wild Pink year in review.

  1. Now that you mention that, Amy, I am VERY fond of my memory of releasing pink balloons in Longview. Theirs were released with a wish. I can’t remember the exact words, but they were very articulate and moving, speaking of a future with no pain of breast cancer. I remember that I had tears in my eyes as we released them that day.


  2. Those were all great too. But my favorite memory of last year was going to Warburg. Not only was chasing down blake fun and all but at warburg I actually laughed and enjoyed myself like never before:D So glad we went there.


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