As I look back at 2011, I remember this:

The day was crazy busy.  Trying to get on the road to Crowsnest Pass.  We were late! (Who woulda thunk it?  *grin*)  My nerves were frazzled as I tried (without success) to remember every last little thing that had to go with us.  (On the up-side, the things we forgot weren’t that important.)

Load the trucks.  Attach Pinky’s Dry Goods Store.  Make sure the lights work.  Hook up the stock trailer. Lights okay?  Load wagon.  Load horses.  Load this.  Load that.  Narrow my eyes at Rusty for forgetting something.  Get narrowed eyes back FROM Rusty for forgetting something myself.  ACK!  Let’s just GO!

And then David walked in with the mail.  I don’t have time for this!  “Yeah … you do, Jane.  Look at this.”  He hands me a booklet.  (He opens my mail.)  And all my anxiety and worry slips away as I look at this wonderful gift.

“TOWN OF TROCHU 2011 PINKEST little TOWN in the WEST” is on the pink cover.  A wonderful personal note is written inside the front cover.  The first page of the wire-bound thick glossy paper booklet is that picture the Edmonton Journal took of Rusty and me driving toward Leduc.  It’s out of focus. Looks great.  Across the bottom is another picture, in sharp focus, of the team with half a dozen outriders behind.

Inside:  “Dedicated to all those who have fought the fight and/or continue to fight on!  Who would have thought a whole town could come together to raise money for Breast Cancer Research?”  And it goes on to tell of all the creative and wonderful things the folks from Trochu did for this event.  Pictures like Leona Hogg and Holly Frere getting their heads shaved … pink bras festively hanging hither and yon … women is wild (and weird) pink outfits … driveways with Wild Pink chalk art … St Ann Ranch all decked out in pink … Toad Frere dressed as Armand Trochu … kids in pink … The Frere Band with crazy pink wigs.

It’s all there in the book.  I look at it often.  It is a constant reminder of what can be achieved.

This Wild Pink Thing?  It takes all of us — the towns, the riders, the sponsors, the volunteers, Rusty, me.

But once we’re together … we’re awesome!

Here’s to a successful tour in 2012.  I hope you’ll be with us. Happy New Year!

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