What a great way to start the New Year!

I just got an email from a young friend of mine.  (What are you, Savala?  About 19 now?)  Anyway, she has always liked the idea of Wild Pink Yonder.  She’s not a rider.  Or at least not an avid rider, and doesn’t have a horse at the moment.  But she’s always wanted to get involved with WPY and help somehow.  Today I received an email from her telling me that she has arranged holidays for the first two weeks of this year’s ride.  She’s coming as a volunteer for two whole weeks!  

Savala has done many courses on food preparation and now works in the kitchen of a work camp in Fort MacMurray, so she knows just about everything about putting together a GOOD meal for a large group of people.  She’s got a beautiful, gentle soul and she knows how to work hard.  (And she’s drop-dead gorgeous, so maybe we’ll pick up a few more cowboys along the way!  *grin*)

I am hoping we won’t be doing much (make that “any”) of our own cooking, but whether we do or not, she will be a terrific addition to the team.  Yay, Savala!  Hooray for us!


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