Look out, Tilley! Here comes Richdale!

It seems Hanna is going to be too busy with their centennial celebration this summer to be able to host us, so my newly-discovered brother and his wife have come to the rescue!

Wade and Lorna live just south of Hanna and have been talking to folks in the ‘hood.  It seems there is a ton of interest in hosting us from a group that calls Richdale home.  Most of them are ranchers in the area because, frankly, Richdale proper has two, maybe three, houses and a “small but very nice” community hall.

At first blush, you might think, “Three houses and a hall?  *blink, blink*”  But remember James River Bridge?  THAT was a hoot  … raised over $9,000 for the cause … and was organized solely by Fern K. and her buddy who owns “The Horse Palace” (boarding barn).  There is already a group of half a dozen wanting to get involved at Richdale!

Wade tells me that the folks from the ‘hood have been anxious to find out if their offer has been accepted because they have already come up with a number of fundraising ideas and are anxious to get going!  Also, they’re talking about taking you “off roading” when we get there.  (We’re trucking in.)  Seems they have some lovely trails “down by the creek” and one of the families that lives in town (in hamlet?) has pens that will likely work for the horses.

This early in the game, we don’t expect to hear much from towns, but I have to tell you, Tilley is DEFINITELY in the hunt.  They started about a month ago.  So now, if this Richdale bunch is as determined to win as it sounds, we could have us a horse race!  *grin*


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