It’s party time! Will we see you at Cremona’s Pinkest Little Town in the West victory party?

  • What:  Cremona’s Victory Party for winning Pinkest Little Town in the West 2011.
  • When:  Saturday, March 10th … 8:00 pm ’til 12:30 am
  • Where:  Cremona Community Hall, 302 Centre Street (same place we had our FANTASTIC dinner and dance in the summer)

So here’s the scoop:  it’s the same band!  Remember “Livestock” from when we were there?  They rocked the place, and they’re about to do it again.  And in usual small town fashion, there will be a late “lunch”.  At this time they’re considering making it a nacho bar!  Cool, eh?

Tickets are $5.00 each, but are limited to 350.  Knowing the Cremona bunch, these will sell out quickly, so if you’re coming, please do one of the following in order to reserve your tickets:

  • Call Vicki at (403) 637-2494
  • Call Peggy at (403) 637-2253
  • Email Vicki at

I sure hope to see a lot of last year’s riding faces at this.  It will be a fun reunion.  Vicki remembers many of you and is hoping you’ll come as well.  As for where to stay … not sure.  I’m contemplating taking my trailer.  That way I can eat, drink and dance too much and at the end of the evening just walk across the parking lot and go to bed!  (If Vicki is going to let me park where I did last summer!) If you’re not bringing a rig, you’ll likely have to go into Cochrane for a hotel.


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