Tilley … Richdale … Coronation … Veteran: the competition just got stiffer.

And the ride just got more interesting.

I told you earlier that the Village of Ryley seemed keen, right?  Well, we just got an email from them.  The gist of it is that the village council made a motion last night to participate in Wild Pink Yonder.  They have formed a committee and will be working on fundraising projects and our needs for the day we travel through their village.

They are going to donate their campground and rink area for our horses and they’ve already had a donation of hay!  Angel (our contact there) writes:  “We are all very excited to be a part of this great adventure and I thank you for including our village.  We have so many great ideas going around and we all can’t wait to put them in motion.”

Three more things I have to tell you about the Village of Ryley.

ONE:  There is a tack shop there called “George’s Harness & Saddlery”.  It is owned by a really lovely fellow named Morley.  Morley learned his trade (making harness) at his father’s knee, and his father learned from his father.  Most of the machinery in George’s Harness & Saddlery is the original old stuff from the 1800’s.  George’s is an honest-to-gosh working museum!  I am going to see if Morley will take us for a tour when we’re there.

TWO:  George’s Harness & Saddlery is in Wikipedia!  (Now somebody has to tell me how to add to Wikipedia so I can write about George’s.  All that’s there is a picture — and it wouldn’t have been put there by Morley.  He doesn’t do computers.)

THREE:  The town slogan is “Living the life of Ryley.”  You have GOT to love a village with a slogan like that!


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