I don’t know what he did wrong, but I kinda have a soft spot for this outlaw!

This is likely the wildest true story you’re ever going to hear about Wild Pink Yonder!

It seems there is an “outlaw” out there.  I won’t tell you his name, so I’m going to call him “Sparky”.

It seems Sparky had a run-in with the law.  As I said, I have no idea what he did wrong, but wrong is definitely what he did.  Off to court goes our Sparky and the judge is not pleased.  I don’t know what else was in the sentence, but part of it was that Sparky had to make a $1,000 donation to the charity of his choice.  Maybe Sparky’s mom had breast cancer, or maybe his wife — or maybe Sparky just likes the ladies.  I don’t know, but I do know that he said he wanted to donate to breast cancer.  Now this is where it gets wild.  Yep, you guessed it!  Sparky had heard of us and thought that might be the way to go!

Today I received a money order from Sparky to Wild Pink Yonder for $1,000!

Sparky, if you’re reading this, we’re sorry you had a run-in with the law, but we sure thank you for choosing us!

PS.  In order to get you a tax receipt, I am signing your $1,000 over to Alberta Cancer Foundation as part of the pledge money our 15-year old Longrider needs to raise.  Her name is Carly and she’s from Sundre.  This will be her second year of Longriding.  (Longriders go the entire distance with us and must raise $4,600 this year.)  Thanks to you Carly is now well on her way.


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