The Ryley parade was a GREAT time … with GREAT people.

In The Sound of Music, there is a tune sung by Maria and the Captain in which she says,  “Nothing comes from nothing.  Nothing ever could.  So somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good.”  That tune keeps running through my head today.  I think it applies to me!  I don’t know what I did to deserve the people I was with today, but I thank my lucky stars that I did something good!

The first who need thanking are Don and Pat Daley.  They won’t see this because they don’t use a computer, but they are absolutely stellar folks.  Because Rusty couldn’t come today, I didn’t want to drive, so Don and Pat agreed to bring their horses.  I was to bring the wagon … except I forgot all about my back surgery when I agreed to that, so at the last minute, I called them and asked if they could take their wagon instead.  Sure they could!  They’d run right out and load it, no problem!  So all I had to do was show up with the tarp and the sponsor logos.  Because of my back, Pat let me ride up front with Don and she sat in the back where life is a little rougher.  Of course, their Fjords were good as gold.

The second person who needs thanking is Gail Praharenka.  She’s a Ryleyite (Ryleyan?  Ryleyonian?) who came and rode with us.  Her Appy is absolutely gorgeous, and so well mannered!  Here they are before the parade. Isn’t he stunning?  Beautiful little head.  Great mind.  Fantastic colouring.  You couldn’t ask for a better Appy, in my mind (unless, of course, you’re gonna put gait on that guy *grin*).

The last to be mentioned is our new wagon master, Morris Hall from Millet.  Morris brought his buddy and his matched set of palomino Tennessee Walking Horses.  What a great addition Morris is going to be to the ride!  You guys are going to love him … and either he and Donna Homer are going to be the greatest of friends, or they’re going to kill each other.  Oh, my!  Don Daley and I giggled and giggled thinking about those two together!

So after the parade, we all went to the local chinese restaurant for lunch and a visit.  Morris is going the entire distance with us (less the first two days), and Gail is going to ride from Holden to Ryley and Ryley to Tofield.

Thanks again for lunch, Gail.  And, until we see you in August … happy trails!

“Nothing comes from nothing.  Nothing ever could.  So somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good.”


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