An even dozen Wild Pink fundraising ideas.

Over the last few years, I’ve seen a number of innovative fundraising ideas.  I thought it might be timely to share them here.  Please feel free to add to the list.

1.  Tell a company that if they’ll sponsor you (for $500?), you’ll wear their ball cap or a T-shirt with their logo on it.  (If it’s gonna be a T-shirt and you’ll be with us for multiple days, the riders respectfully ask that you make more than one.  *grin*)

2.  Purchase a roll of pink fabric ribbon from a fabric store and sell 24″ lengths of it that people can sign or put a message on with the understanding that you will tie that piece of ribbon into your horse’s mane for the duration of your ride.

3.  Do a hamburger/hot dog sale in front of your local Peavey Mart or other store.  (Usually these businesses have a bar-be-cue that you can borrow.  Then you get another store to donate a box of burger patties and buns.)

4.  Offer to put a company’s logo on the side of your truck and/or trailer.  (This would most likely be a magnet logo … or a stick-on that peels off easily.)

5.  Offer to put a company’s logo on a pink banner that you drape across your horse’s butt, and tell them that we parade down main street in many of the towns we visit.

6.  For a minimum donation of $400, you can get a company’s brochure or sales catalogue into the welcome bag for every person who rides the Wild Pink Yonder trail this year.  If you know anyone who, say, hauls horses for a living or builds tack or boards horses, this might be a good idea.  We will also entertain businesses that are not horse related, but we retain the right of refusal.  (If it is in competition with one of our ride sponsors, we cannot do that.)

7.  Organize a Pink-a-Palooza.  This could be a ride at a local trail or a competition at a local arena.  Folks pay to come along and possibly win pink prizes.

8.  Contact Cindy Houghton ( and have her put on a horse first-aid course at your place.  Advertise it all over your neighbourhood, on Kijiji and on the Wild Pink Yonder Facebook page.  Once her costs are covered, the rest of the money is yours to fund your ride.

9.  Have a garage sale.

10.  Find a busy intersection (with a traffic light) and have a team of your friends help you wash car windows as people drive through.  (This can be VERY lucrative.)

11.  Talk to your local gas station and ask if you can set up a bottle collection bin there.

12.  Do a door-to-door bottle drive of your own.


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