Have We Told You about our Pinkification Judges?

In the very beginning, Rusty and I decided that we should not be the ones who judge the towns we visit. Our reasoning is that we develop really nice relationships with some of the towns, and lesser relationships with some others.  If we were judges, it stands to reason that we’d be biased, and we really don’t want that.  We want everyone to know that this is a fair and square competition.

So, before we head out on tour, we conscript three Longriders to judge the towns we visit.  They are the ones who the towns must impress.  They get taken on tours and are given photos and albums and anything else a town wants them to see to show their pinkification efforts.  If you could have seen our 2011 Pinkification Judges in action, you’d be impressed.  Every evening, before going to bed, they’d meet off in a corner by themselves and hammer out the numbers that the town they just visited would get.

The Pinkification Judges have a series of categories.  The towns are judged on a point system, one through five.  Each Pinkification Judge presents their thoughts, defends their position and then, amongst them, they assign numbers.

If you’re a town and you want to know how it’s scored, here’s the card:

1.  How much pink is there around the town?

2.  How much effort did the decorating take?

3.  How much creativity was involved?

4.  How much effort did the volunteer committee put in?

5.  How much community spirit is there?

6.  How were the horse accommodations?

7.  How much effort went into creature comfort for the riders?

Each category is worth 5 points for a possible total of 35 total points.  Judges can use points (ie 5.2), if they so wish.

Towns can identify the Pinkification Judges by the Pinkification Judge jackets they wear.


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