We just broke another record. We have another Longrider — the “most experienced” one yet!

Her name is Ev, she’s 69 years young, from the Blackfalds area where she and her hubby farm and she’s a horse-lover from the get-go.  Her horse is a Quarter Horse that loves to be “brushed” with a cattle dryer!  (According to Ev, it’s the easiest and best way to get your horse clean.  Though it took a year to get her horse used to it, now the horse absolutely loves it!)

I spent some time on the phone with Ev this morning and she is a treat — one of those sunny people who sees the best in a situation, obviously loves people (and horses) and is optimistic from the moment she wakes up.  We are delighted to have her on the ride … and I’m sure the rest of you are going to love her.

As I understand it, Ev has been wanting to go on our ride for a couple of years but life has been too busy. Then last year, at harvest time, they found cancer in Ev’s bowel.  It was a battle, but Ev won.  She is now cancer-free … and this year she said, “That’s it.  There will be no more putting this off.  I ride the Wild Pink Yonder this summer!”

And there’s a bonus.  Ev’s husband, John, is coming too.  He will be a volunteer for the duration of the ride.

Welcome, Ev and John.  We look forward to meeting you in Medicine Hat!


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