The Pink Pistols Strike Again!

If you rode with us early last year, you know who The Pink Pistols are.  If you didn’t, they got their name because of the antics they pulled prior to last year’s ride (their first year with us).  I dubbed them “The Pink Pistols” after they pinked the very dickens out of a fundraising bar-be-cue they hosted in Medicine Hat.  So, what did they do with that moniker?  They showed up in camp looking like this *grin*:










That’s Tracey on the left and Marlene on the right.

The Pink Pistols decided to gear up for this year’s ride early.  They conscripted last year’s Social Butterfly, Amy Jobling, plus two others and went in the Redcliff Centennial Parade as a warmer-upper for the Medicine Hat Rodeo Parade that will happen toward the end of this month.  Look at them go now!


Riders are:  (front) Tracey Schuster and Charlene King, (middle) Amy Jobling, (rear) Marlene and Evan King.

These Pistols keep coming up with more and more outrageous pink ideas!

I spoke with Tracey today.  She said they had “many, many, many, many great comments from the crowd, as well as cheers and applause.”

Not only did they get filmed for local television (click on the picture of the clown on the go-cart), but Tracey got interviewed, and they won “Best Overall” in the parade!  We are SO proud of our Pink Pistols and their conscripted others!

This is Tracey with their winning ribbon.  Go, Pistols!


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