Our beautiful, beautiful, functional cargo trailer! Darwin Sovdi rocks — big time!

Rusty and I went to Red Deer to pick up the newly finished cargo trailer for Wild Pink Yonder.  It came from Indiana with the partitions in, and the fridge and bathroom fixtures installed.  Darwin and his team of workers did the rest.

There is a beautiful kitchen now with two food preparation counter tops and loads of cupboards for storage.  Our cook, Savala Rose, is going to love it.  The bathrooms each have a small vanity built around the sinks now so we can store TP and cleaning supplies below.  (You may or may not get a mirror in there before we leave!)  And the “barn” area is FABULOUS!  We have so much storage space (and it’s labeled and everything) that we will be able to find everything easily.

No more food items stored beside horse items stored beside pots stored beside wheelbarrows!

Darwin Sovdi has footed the bill for half of this, so when you see him, give him a big hug!  Without him, we never could have justified the cost.

This is a HUGE step up in the Wild Pink World!


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